Roystonea Regia, Royal Palm – Plant


The royal palm tree is perfect for giving your yard that “little slice of paradise!” It is one of the most prestigious looking and most recognizable of all the palms in the world.¬†

Plant height : 3 feet (+/- 20%)
Potted in 6 inch black poly bag

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They are often chosen by tropical resorts, hotels and communities to line the streets and driveways because their roots won t break through roads or side-walks.

Common name: Roystonea Regia, Royal Palm – ,Royal palm, Cuban Royal Palm

Flower colours: cream-colored flowers

Bloom time: Late summer

Height: Up to 80 feet

Difficulty: Medium

Planting and care

Plant royals no closer to the house than 8 feet to allow room for the fronds to spread out and not be damaged by touching walls. You want to come out with enough distance that falling fronds don t damage anything (including people) underneath. Space these palms 8 to 10 feet apart when planting in a row. This palm is too big for growing in a container.

Sunlight: It will take partial shade but is happiest in a full sun.

Soil: Top soil or organic peat moss as a soil.

Water: Water needs moderate to high-it will thrive in wet swampy areas and high humidity –

Temperature: minimum temp 30 to 40 degrees C.

Fertilizer: Fertilize with a good quality granular palm fertilizer containing micronutrients – do this in spring, summer and fall.

Caring for Roystonea Regia

  1. Give royal palms fertilizer specially formulated for palm trees.
  2. It should have a ratio of 8-2-12-4Mg with micronutrients.
  3. The nitrogen should be in the form of resin-coated urea or ammonium salts, urea-formaldehyde or sulfur-coated urea.
  4. The potassium should be in the form of sulfur-coated potassium sulfate and the magnesium should be prilled kieserite.
  5. The micronutrients should be manganese sulfate, iron chelate and slow-release boron.


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