Lucky Bamboo Lotus Arrangement – Plant

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Lucky bamboo plants are extremely easy to take care of and require very little maintenance, making them a perfect gift for a grandmother on Mother s Day, or a grandfather on Father s Day. 

Plant height : 4 feet (+/- 20%)
Potted in 6 inch black poly bag

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Lucky bamboo plants make perfect gifts for any occasion and can symbolize ingredients to a happy life. The meaning of lucky bamboo varies depending on number of stalks, but the basic symbolism stands for Wealth, Happiness and Longetivity. The three symbols of lucky bamboo make it a perfect present for weddings, house warming gifts, new job promotion and even birthdays. Lucky bamboo plants are extremely easy to take care of and require very little maintenance, making them a perfect gift for a grandmother on Mother s Day, or a grandfather on Father s Day. 

Lucky Bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures. You can see feng shui lucky bamboo in most floral shops nowadays. These cute little arrangements in their exotic containers are stalks of Dracaena sanderiana, a plant native to the equatorial West African region. 

They are not bambooSo, why is it called the “lucky bamboo”? Most likely, because cuttings of the Dracaena look like the bamboo and the Chinese have for centuries associated the bamboo with good fortune, fortitude, and resilience. The lucky bamboo arrangement is a perfect coming together of the five essential elements of Feng Shui – earth, wood, water, metal, and fire. 

  • The rocks or pebbles in the plant container symbolize earth.
  • The vertical stalks symbolize wood.
  • The bamboo stalks are generally placed in water.
  • Metal is found as small ornaments or coins in the container.
  • And fire is any color of red, pink, burgundy, or maroon that can be added.


According to Chinese tradition, the meaning of lucky bamboo is tied with the number of stalks and associated arrangements of those. You can also customize your lucky bamboo arrangement to bring different kinds of luck to your life. 

    • Two stalks represent love.
    • Three stalks represent Fu (happiness), Lu (wealth), and Soh (long life).
    • Five stalks represent the areas of life that represent wealth (e.g., spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and intuitive).
    • Six stalks represent good luck and wealth.
    • Seven stalks represent good health.
    • Eight stalks represent growth.
    • Nine stalks represent great luck.
    • Ten stalks represent perfection.
    • Twenty-one stalks represent a powerful blessing.


Lucky bamboo plants are never arranged in four stalks. In Chinese, the word four is close to the word for death, so a gift of four bamboo stalks would be considered very rude, as if you had wished death on the recipient!  Place this lucky bamboo arrangement in any spot in your house or office to enhance the good energy, to revitalize the bad, and to bring growth into your life.

Height: Up to 30 feet

Difficulty: Easy to grow

Planting and care

It s probably easiest and a little cleaner to grow in water and stones, though it can also grow in soil. Ultimately, it s up to you and will likely be determined by the pot or vase you have available.

Sunlight: Its a Indoor plant.

Soil: If you want to grow it in soil, well-drained, rich potting soil is best.

Water: Keep water fresh by changing it every week, and always keep water levels at approximately an inch from the base of the canes.

Temperature: 65 to 70 degrees C

Fertilizer: Add a mild solution to the water such as African Violet fertilizer. Since growth can be controlled by feeding, small amounts of fertilizer will keep the plant at a manageable size.

Caring for Lucky Bamboo Lotus Arrangement

As for what water to use, this plant is very sensitive to chemicals like fluoride and chlorine – only use tap water if it s been sitting out for 24 hours (so the chemicals can evaporate. Otherwise, bottled water is best. Once the plant has grown roots, the roots must be kept covered with water. Again, 1-3 inches is all it takes.


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