Green Mirchi (Green Chillies)


A small straight, shrub-like branched plant with green and red fruits used as taste enhancer and seasoning. Chilies are a household name and an essential ingredient in every house in India, Mexican and Thai cuisines. More than 200 different species of chilies have been identified, which contain capsaicin which is an active ingredient and extremely advantageous to the respiration process, heart and the blood pressure.

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An Indian Meal is incomplete without Chilies as it is the main ingredient in any Indian recipe. You only need to slice, chop, slit or dice and mix it with the other ingredients or even garnish your food with this hot chili. Famous for its bitterness and heats it produces, after having a stalk of chilly is quite a known fact. There are mainly majorly three kinds of chilies available which are Black Pearl pepper, Bishop’s crown pepper, and black Hungarian pepper. It has many benefits and is also rich in a number of vitamins and minerals. Capsaicin is a chemical present in chilies, which helps the body in many ways which are listed below. Interestingly, India is the largest consumer, producer, and exporter of the chilies in the world. Let us find out more about this hot and steamy food condiment.

Health Benefits Of Green Chilli

Rich in antioxidants

Green chilies are known to be a rich source of antioxidants. Vitamins- A, B complex (B6 and B9), and C are found in abundance in chilies. This compensates the damaging effects of bacteria in our bodies and is very helpful in preventing blood clots which is the primary reason of multiple cardiovascular diseases like heart stroke and cardiac arrest. Furthermore, it helps in thwarting the spread of cancer to the colon, prostate, and lungs.


Green chilies as we already know, helps with relieving the pain and also the swelling linked with appalling bone disorders like arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid, etc.

Soothing effect on the Respiratory System

The Phytonutrients present in chilies relax the respiratory passage and also lowers the danger of lung cancer along with prevention of problems associated with lungs such as Asthma, Cough and cold.

Anti-Bacterial properties

Its anti-bacterial properties keep us safe from infections such as colon infections athlete’s foot and herpes zoster.

Boosts the Immunity

Green chilies contain vital nutrients such as vitamins B6 and C which boosts the body’s immunity to handle the diseases.

Digestive Health

a significant benefit of consuming green chilies is that it is loaded with essential dietary fiber which helps in cleansing of the colon. It aids in healthy bowel movements and prevents constipation.

Calcium Rich

Surprisingly, these green chilies are the finest source of Calcium and help to keep our teeth and bones healthy and strong. Additionally, it repairs the tissues and contributes to create new blood cells.

Improves Vision

Vitamin A present in the green chilies is one of the essential nutrients, which are helpful in improving the vision and reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration which happens with age.

Aids in Weight Loss

It is known that Green chilies have no calories and therefore increases the metabolism of the body and hence burning the excess fat from the body.

Helps Keeping the Skin Radiant and Young

The super antioxidant vitamin C facilitates the creation of vital collagen which keeps and maintains the firmness and the health of the skin. It acts as a barrier thereby, preventing damage. The much talked phytonutrients very efficiently cure acne, rashes, pimples, blemishes, and wrinkles and the Vitamin E produces natural oils which are good for skin.

Improves Mood

The capsaicin present in Green chilies releases the “feel good” endorphins and act as an anti-depressant which helps in keeping your mood positive.

Makes the hair healthy

Green chilies are known to make the hair healthy as it contains such natural silicon’s which not only improve the circulation of blood to the scalp but also to the hair follicles and protects the hair follicles by working as a growth stimulator. The Vitamin Cpresent in these chilies absorb iron and provides oxygen to hair thereby prevention of split ends and hair breakage.

Uses of Green Chilli

Green Chili comes with a lot of uses for household and medicinal purposes. It has abundant culinary uses since these Chili pepper berries can be used in a fresh form or even dried. These Chilies are dried under the sun to preserve them for longer duration. Pickles, flaked, paste and ground chili are also available in the market to be used in cooking. This is also used as an Ornamental plant as its appearance makes it an excellent garden plant. Eating chilies can trigger a lot of sensations in the mind of people like fear and pain which are not harmful if chilies are consumed to experience them. 


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