Acalypha Wilkesiana Ceylon – Plant


Plants grow into a rounded, shapely bush in most soils. They grow best in full sun. They are duller in shade. Can be grown in pots for decoration. Suitable for large hedges up to 2 to 2.5 meters 

Plant height : 2 feet (+/- 20%)
The plant is potted in 6 inch plastic Pot

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Acalypha wilkesiana is an evergreen shrub. It grows 3 m high and spreads 2 m across. The stem is erect with many branches. The branches have fine hairs. It has a closely arranged crown. The leaves are coppery green with red splashes of colour. This gives them a mottled appearance. The leaves are large and broad with teeth around the edge. They can be 10–20 cm long and 15 cm wide. The leaves are finely hairy. They can be flat or crinkled. The flowers are reddish in spikes at the end of branches. They have separate male and female flowers on the same plant. The male flowers are in long spikes which hang downwards while the female flowers are in short spikes. They do not show up easily as they are often hidden among the leaves. The flower stalks are 10–20 cm long.

Common name: Acalypha Red Twisted Leaves, Fire Dragon 
Regional name: Bengali – Muktajhuri, Gujarati – Dadano, Kannada – Kuppigida, Malayalam – Kuppaimeni, Marathi – Khajoti, Sanskrit – Harita-manjari, Tamil – Kuppaimeni, Telugu – Kuppichettu

Flower Color: Reddish-pink

Bloom time: Seasonal bloomer

Height: up to 2 to 2.5 meters

Difficulty level: Easy to grow

Planting and care

The most important thing in growing copper leaf plants is the location. The best place to grow the plant is in full sun, although it can survive in half sun or partially shaded areas. Direct sunlight, however, makes the leaves more brightly colored.

Sunlight: The plant, often called “copperleaf,” does fine in partial shade or sun. It prefers a position sheltered from strong winds, and a fertile, organic soil. Indoor plants do well in medium light, but leaf colour develops best on plants kept in bright light.

Soil: well-drained soil.

Water: medium

Temperature: 16°C (61°F).

Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer

Caring for Acalypha wilkesiana ceylon

  • Whether indoors or outdoors, growing copper leaf plants in a pot or a different container works well. If growing it in a container, the first step in the care of Acalypha wilkesiana is to ensure the pot is twice the size of the plant’s root ball.


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