About Us

Our vision

The Prana Foundation is a strategic leader that raises issues of shared interest, expands the thinking about our field, builds collaborative efforts, and breaks down barriers that stand in the way of effective and dynamic philanthropy.


The mission of the Prana Foundation is to make long-term improvements in economic opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and communities and long-term improvements in race relations in India.

Statement of Values

These values guide the activities and actions of the Prana Foundation. They demonstrate our belief that the manner in which we work must be purposeful and carry the same sense of significance as the outcomes we are trying to achieve.

At the Prana Foundation, We value:


We are open, accessible, and flexible. We are committed to creating honest relationships that permit us to work alongside the organizations that we support. We also seek to increase the awareness and facilitate the involvement of other funders and agencies in the work of improving economic opportunity and race relations in India.


We are committed to having long-term, measurable impact on people’s lives. We seek to address root causes, and we realize that this requires us to address issues at multiple levels. We are committed to tracing the effects of our support to specific individuals and communities, and we realize that this requires reflecting on, clearly defining, and communicating the nature of the change we desire to achieve.

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